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17 Visual Artists You Should Know In 2016

56785a95190000190178a6faAnother year, another 366 days of photography, painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, performance and more. As 2016 approaches, two of our culture editors and writers — Katherine Brooks and Priscilla Frank — sat down to contemplate the future of art and which emerging figures (or, in some cases, seasoned favorites) we’re excited to follow. What resulted is a list of the 17 people we think you should know in the new year, from a 75-year-old painter to a newly minted Instagram star to a textile aficionado who blends West African weaving with Southern quilting. If you’re making New Year’s resolutions in the next week or so, make it a goal to explore these 17 artists. From gallery darlings to grassroots icons, this is the multifaceted team of creatives you should watch out for, celebrated through original portraits. Mernet Larsen Priscilla Frank Larsen is a Florida-based painter whose work depicts banal, daily pleasures rendered in awkward angles and beach-happy colors. At 75 years old, Larsen has only recently begun exhibiting her work outside the U.S., though she’s been painting ardently since the 1960s. Her canvases house humanoid figures who’ve been stretched and sharpened like cartoonish origami, often shown enjoying the simple […]


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