I have never seen photography explained so perfectly in one picture....

I have never seen photography explained so perfectly in one picture….

this is absolutely BRILLIANT!! If you want to learn photography, study this; a GREAT place to start. Cheers, Cameron Perhaps it explains the way cameras work so perfectly, but not necessarily the art of photography. Just my two cents The problem with the table is if you read it in columns, not rows. You might think f/32 would give you a high shutter speed and low sensitivity… 22 Hours Ago #6 biz-engineer Pentaxian Join Date: Feb 2015 Photos: Albums Posts: 1,083 So if I understand correctly, reading from left to right, when the aperture is the smallest, the shutter speed is the fastest and iso is the lowest making the image sharp. But when the aperture is maximum (large aperture), the shutter speed has to be very slow and iso very high? Am I correct? Great little Prop for the Mechanics of Photography for those starting out.- simple – easy to read. I see you can buy stuff with it printed on. Neat give- aways for the $$ Players in Photography. The beginners will have to stay away from the Interrupters on this forum though or the simple lines will become blurred. Yeah its pretty good. Personally I think […]

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