Portraits Of LA's Female Artists Send A Powerful Message: 'You Are Here'
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Portraits Of LA’s Female Artists Send A Powerful Message: ‘You Are Here’

Nineteen portraits from Rebecca Campbell’s ongoing series are on display at the L.A. Louver. She says she portrays female artists “who are serious, diligent, hard working and good at what they do.” The question of who is represented and who is left out is rocking the country these days, from Hollywood to politics. And, in Venice, Calif., representation is at the heart 19 dramatic portraits, now on display at the L.A. Louver. All of Campbell’s portraits — including this one of L.A. artist Lia Halloran, above — are done in black, white, grays and salmon pink. Campbell calls this her “vocabulary of marks and tones and textures.” The paintings are of talented female artists, all working right now in Los Angeles. Campbell felt women artists are over-looked, not getting shown in museums and galleries, becoming invisible. “I thought, well, what I can do is I make pictures,” Campbell explains. “I made it so that they didn’t disappear, by making pictures of them.” There are 19 so far in this on-going project. The women are of different ages and races, but what ties them together is the fact that they all make art. Campbell isn’t after precise representation in these […]


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