What It's Really Like Being An Artist In Your 20s
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What It’s Really Like Being An Artist In Your 20s

What It's Really Like Being An Artist In Your 20s

It’s the oldest tale in NYC history: a young, hungry artist moves to the Big Apple to pursue her passion, get her big break, and discover herself along the way. You can practically see the movie credits rolling — at the very least, hear the show tune. But the notion of what an emerging art star looks like today has changed. In a world of slash-heavy job titles (actress/DJ/ceramist) and the ability to connect with fellow visionaries with as little as an Instagram follow, the new creative class is savvy, not “starving,” as some clichés suggest. Along with Kit and Ace and its line of Technical Cashmere™, an innovative and low-maintenance luxury fabric, we’re kicking off The Next Set, a four-part series celebrating fellow innovators. We’re taking a deeper look at what it means to make it as a millennial in the art world today and at the young women who are rewriting the script, from old-school painters to new-age art-app creators. First up is Alexandria Tarver , a 25-year-old Texas native and contemporary painter, who has hustled her way to showing her vibrant still-life work in galleries across New York and San Francisco. However, for frequent visitors of […]


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