6 of 2019's best new graphic design portfolios
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6 of 2019’s best new graphic design portfolios

There’s no single right way to do it when it comes to presenting your graphic design portfolio. Every designer has their own priorities for their portfolio; some want to hit visitors straight away with the all-important work, others prefer to introduce themselves and their practice in a more gentle and thoughtful way, and yet more would rather go for their own unique, attention-grabbing approach. However you do it, a strong portfolio is one of the best ways to drum up work (although don’t forget the importance of knowing how to network ), and if you’re stuck for an angle for showcasing your own projects, we’ve got some helpful inspiration for you. Here are six of this year’s best design portfolios , each with their own different approaches and unique touches; take a look through them, see what appeals to you and use what you think works best when you’re crafting a portfolio that reflects your own work. 01. &Walsh &Walsh: big and bold with a strong ampersand game (Image credit: &Walsh) It would be remiss of us to talk about 2019’s best graphic design portfolios without covering one of this year’s biggest pieces of agency news: Jessica Walsh parting […]


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