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7 Easy Steps To Improving Your Office Space from a WeWork Designer

Can’t afford a coworking space, but love how their spaces are so beautifully designed? Looking to create an office where you can build your team culture and increase productivity? Ace Houston, a former WeWork Designer and Design Consultant for private offices at Birdnest , shares these seven easy steps to make your private office look and feel brighter, cozier, and more productive. 1. Painting Birdnest space before and after painting the wall white A change in color is one of the easiest ways to give a space a new feeling. This can also be a straightforward way of taking your company’s brand and putting it right on the walls. I’d recommend looking into color theory for specifics on mood, but a good thing to always remember is how much natural light you have in your space. Darker colors will absorb light and lighter colors will reflect more of it into the space. 2. Plants Succulent plant Plants have been proven to improve people’s moods and can also improve indoor air quality so it is the key for clean air and in turn a clear mind. I’d recommend a low-maintenance option like a snake plant paired with some taller plants […]

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