A day in the life of...A Lego Artist: 'Nobody told me this was a real job'
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A day in the life of…A Lego Artist: ‘Nobody told me this was a real job’

Warren Elsmore has been a professional Lego artist since 2012. “I have been told I have the best job in the world by a Nasa astronaut, which is kind of freaky, because I was pretty sure he did.” Midlothian based Lego Artist Warren Elsmore, 42, on Nasa approval, defying school career advisers and living a childhood dream Warren holds two Guinness World Records for his Lego creations. “It was in Paisley, they did a space camp and we had a model of the International Space Station there. I remember him walking over to us and picking it up. He said ‘I recognise this bit, I flew it into space. “I’ve been doing this professionally now for about seven years. I did about 20 years of IT, but in 2012 I got my first deal to write Lego books and I was doing a project for Lego themselves and the Danish tourist board ahead of the London Olympics. “There was a decision to be made at that point, do I stick with IT or jump ship to go and build Lego for a living? I’m sure I made the right choice. “I always had Lego as a kid. I’ve asked […]

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