A tale of an artist, a pot grower, and Seattle's wild real estate market
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A tale of an artist, a pot grower, and Seattle’s wild real estate market

View Slideshow 1 of 3 Jason Hutto, Founder and CEO of House of Cultivar, poses for a portrait on Wednesday, July 18, 2018, at House of Cultivar in Seattle. Tap or click on the first image to see more. When Washington voters legalized recreational pot five years ago, they paved the way for a new industry that includes everything from retail shops to big grow operations. In Seattle, the new indoor farms and processing plants have set up shop in the city’s industrial areas, where artists have traditionally housed their studios. But contrary to common thinking about art and pot, at least one artist says cannabis businesses don’t make the best neighbors. Sheryl Andrist runs She Metal, a high-end residential metal fabrication business. Andrist’s 3,000-square-foot Georgetown studio houses the tools of her trade, including a gas-powered forge and the chemicals she needs for different patinas. Five years ago, just after I-502’s passage, Andrist was settling into a studio on Harbor Island. At the same time, the city of Seattle set about complying with state law to determine where to locate cannabis-related businesses, including indoor growers. Regulating the cannabis industry was new territory, says Bryan Stevens, a spokesperson for Seattle’s […]

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