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“Art in the sky”: Why airlines obsess over the paint jobs on their planes

Why airlines obsess over their paint jobs CBSN Live Why airlines obsess over their paint jobs 2h ago 04:33 buttons/button-playertray-rightbuttons/button-playertray-right United Airlines decided it was time for a change after nearly a decade. This week, it updated what’s known as its "livery" – the paint job on the outside of a plane. Their new look comes as a growing number of airliners are decked out in colors meant to stand out from the rest. As CBS News’ Kris Van Cleave found out, airlines take their outward appearance very seriously, sometimes spending years honing the right look. Over nine days, old United paint was stripped away on a plane and a new look came to life thanks to 134 gallons of paint. The tail and its globe now boast three shades of blue, and the name got bigger and bolder. The gold line along the bottom is out and the blue swoop is in. "We are a much more exciting and energetic airline than we were before a few years ago so everything we’ve done symbolizes something about the spirit of United that we’re trying to create," United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz told Van Cleave. When United and Continental merged […]

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