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Art Made Accessible By Online Art Gallery Alpha

Alpha’a founders Manuela Seve and Renata Thomé are democratizing art by offering a wide range of curated works in limited edition prints. Photo by Renato Wrobel The design narrative of a space is often told or inspired by art. It anchors overall palette, texture, mood and temperament. In cases where the art piece is added as a finishing touch, it takes on the function of windows that reveal the dweller’s headspace, ideals and sensibilities. What’s interesting about personal collections is that it tells a several stories—that of the collector, the artist, subject and the space. This unique convergence between owner, creator, actor and stage distinguishes art from other decorative forms. There is no fixed formula where selecting art for your personal space is concerned. What might work for others may not necessarily resonate to some. Advice from seasoned collectors will always come in handy, but nothing is more reliable than instinct. While investment and market value are important factors to consider, your best bet will still be to “buy with your eyes.” Jungle Print by Valentino Vettori available at Alpha’a For an early nester or new homeowner looking to create style spaces through art, acquiring a piece can be […]

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