Booth's impressionistic iris honors a long-term friendship
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Booth’s impressionistic iris honors a long-term friendship

GENOA – Artist Rebecca Booth was recently commissioned to create a work of original art for a Portland businesswoman. Booth, known as a local marketing goddess, creator of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce logo, and a talented and eclectic artist, created this particular piece — a brightly colored iris in Booth’s unique impressionist style — for more than just commission payment. It was made in honor of a 20-year friendship that grew as two women helped the other’s business succeed. Kathy Crabtree was instrumental in helping grow the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network (WEN) when it was founded in Toledo in 1993. When Booth joined the group after starting her business, “Imagine That!,” she found not only support for her venture into the business world but also a deep, long-lasting friendship with Crabtree. “I’ve been in business since 1998, and the only reason I’m still in business, I think, is my WEN connections,” Booth said. “I didn’t know much about business. I didn’t know about billing or selling. That’s what WEN taught me. It was a fun way for me to learn business and a fun way to meet new people.” Booth did marketing work in the 1990s for Crabtree’s home […]

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