Community Portrait Project: Scores of People Come to Admire Alton's Cast of Characters
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Community Portrait Project: Scores of People Come to Admire Alton’s Cast of Characters

Monica Mason enjoying opening night ALTON – Scores of people came in droves to witness the unveiling of the Community Portrait Project by local artist Monica Mason. Mason was commissioned by Post Commons owner Hugh Halter to paint two pillars of unsung Alton history – world-record brick-layer Joseph Raglin and Joseph Satchelben who biked around the world. When he came to view the work, Mason, who is a traditional painter inspired by Renaissance and Baroque masters, had only done the base of coloring for the paintings. Underneath everything, Mason said each person’s coloration begins with a rich mix of blues. Halter saw the portraits at this phase and deemed them perfect as they were. Inspired by that, Mason wanted to do something to honor some of Alton’s noteworthy community characters. Using the same blue scale, which she said symbolized to her deep down all human beings have the same foundation regardless of skin color, Mason painted members of the community from different backgrounds doing different things with the same love of the community shared between them. That gallery was unveiled Friday night at the Post Commons. “I knew all of these amazing people, and I don’t know if they […]

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