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‘Community service’ graphic design: KCHS seniors start Netzby Productions to create logos and more for free

Anthony Vanderbeek, left, gives Nathan Obrecht, right, input on a design the two seniors were tasked with creating through their business Netzby Productions. Anthony is the business brains behind the operation and Nathan is more of the artistic talent. For the past year, they’ve also been business partners. The two Kearney Catholic High School seniors formed Netzby Productions last year and since then have been designing logos, posters and more for their school and all over the Kearney community, for free. Inspired by a digital media course and an accounting class they were both in, Anthony and Nathan decided to apply what they were learning by creating a business of their own. “Nate is definitely more of the talent behind what we do,” Anthony said. “And I love the business side of it.” Sign up for Kearney Hub daily news updates Want to read more local content like this? Subscribe to the Kearney Hub’s daily headlines newsletter. Together, the two business partners balance each other out well, KCHS art teacher Sarah Hall agreed. When not in the art room working on designs during first and second period every day, the two students have started using their Independent Art time […]

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