Copyright Holders Still Don't Support EU's Already Awful Upload Filter Proposal; Demand It Be Made Worse
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Copyright Holders Still Don’t Support EU’s Already Awful Upload Filter Proposal; Demand It Be Made Worse

from the never-ending dept As we discussed, over the weekend, France and Germany agreed to a deal to get the EU Copyright Directive moving forward again, specifically around Article 13 . The problem was that the "deal" made Article 13 ridiculously bad . It removed all safe harbors, except for the tiniest of new internet platforms, and removed any requirement for copyright holders to actually help internet platforms by identifying what was infringing. It was utter nonsense. And, as we noted, even that wasn’t good enough for MEP Axel Voss, the main member of the EU Parliament leading the charge on the EU Copyright Directive. He insisted that no safe harbor for platforms was acceptable at all. And now the various legacy copyright holders are backing him up on this. As they have before, the movie/TV/sports industry associations have sent a laughable letter insisting they need more. The undersigned representatives of European producers, broadcasters, and distributors/publishers of film and audiovisual content urgently call upon the EU legislators to reconsider the direction of travel on the proposed Copyright in the DSM Directive. The current version of the proposed Directive does not in any way fulfill the Commission’s stated policy goals: […]


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