Decade-old mermaid mural is removed from Neptunian Woman's Club without artist notification
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Decade-old mermaid mural is removed from Neptunian Woman’s Club without artist notification

The painted cerulean tiles of a mermaid mural that some residents called “iconic” have been chipped away from the wall of the Neptunian Woman’s Club in Manhattan Beach. Artist Dawn Whitney-Hall says the removal violated her rights as the creator and unnecessarily destroyed a piece of community art. Whitney-Hall was contracted and compensated for the mural by the club in 2006. When it was unveiled on Highland Avenue in 2007, she thought it would become a landmark. 300×250 image ad Instead, it’s been removed from the building as part of Neptunian clubhouse renovations. “It’s common knowledge in public zeitgeist that you can’t just take art down,” Whitney-Hall said. “A piece of art that stands for a decade or more is part of people’s lives. There really should be knowledge of the protocol you need to go through to remove somebody’s memories.” The artist said the Neptunian club did not contact her before dismantling the large-scale piece. Its removal, she said, is a violation of federal visual art law that mandates building owners contact artists by registered mail prior to removing murals. Whitney-Hall said she signed a contract for the project, but did not sign away her legal rights over […]


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