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Digital Jewish Media Struggles For Donors

A BimBam video for the High Holidays features a young girl blowing a shofar. Courtesy of BimBam On March 14, the Jim Joseph Foundation praised digital Jewish media projects, including online video producers, news sites and podcasts, in a report titled, “The Future of Jewish Learning Is Here: How Digital Media Are Reshaping Jewish Education.” “The findings that emerge … offer compelling evidence that serious Jewish learning indeed happens online,” the report’s opening note states. Just two weeks later, one of the organizations featured in the study, BimBam, announced it was closing down due to a lack of funding. The Jim Joseph Foundation had awarded BimBam a grant of $100,000 in 2017, according to the foundation’s website. The educational video producer was roundly praised for its path-breaking work in making creative and educational videos for Jewish web-surfers with minimal Jewish education. In the 11 years since BimBam was founded, it has received 11 million views across 400 videos. But BimBam’s closure underscores the continued challenges of operating a digital organization in the Jewish world. “I think we were a project before our time,” said Jordan Gill, former executive director of BimBam. “It’s an art form and it’s a vertical […]

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