Disney's Imagineers share their lessons from Galaxy's Edge
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Disney’s Imagineers share their lessons from Galaxy’s Edge

November 20, 2019, 9:22 PM · One of the highlights of each year’s IAAPA Expo is Bob Rogers’ annual Legends panel. What was once a gathering of Disney Legends reminiscing about the old times working with Walt has grown into an annual master class dissecting a major project in the past year of themed entertainment. And in 2019, there was no bigger, more ambitious project in this industry than Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lands. So Bob this afternoon welcomed Scott Trowbridge, Margaret Kerrison, Anisha Deshmane, and Chris Beatty from Walt Disney Imagineering to share their report from the Galaxy’s Edge. Like a true showman, Bob saved the juiciest prompt for near the end of the panel: "I know you must have had this meeting, this must have happened. Imagine a meeting room full of very high level executives, in suits. These are people who think in spreadsheets. They have recently paid $4 billion – that’s billion with a ‘b’ – on Star Wars and its characters. And the art team here is cheerfully explaining your vision for Galaxy’s Edge is that there will be no ‘Star Wars,’ no Star Wars logos, no Luke Skywalker, and no Darth Vader." […]


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