Dorothy's List: A Secret Locker Library Contains Challenged Titles In 'Ban This Book'
Art Law

Dorothy’s List: A Secret Locker Library Contains Challenged Titles In ‘Ban This Book’

From left: Noelle Westbom, Ben Wetherell and Georgia Tanner gathered at Kellogg-Hubbard Library, in Montpelier, to discuss two of Alan Gratz’s books: "Refugee" and "Ban This Book." Behind them is the group’s activity related to the latter novel. In Ban This Book some of 9-year-old Amy Anne Ollinger’s favorite books have started to disappear off her school library’s shelves, and she discovers that adults are challenging the books and the school board is banning them from the library. Dorothy’s List readers at Montpelier’s Kellogg-Hubbard Library had a lot to say about banned and challenged books — especially when they discovered some of their favorite titles have been questioned. Grace Hall adds a book title to the group’s version of a locker library, like the one Amy Anne runs in "Ban This Book." "I really, really, really love The Hunger Games but I really understand why that was challenged," said 12-year-old Noelle Westbom. "It’s basically like kids killing each other, and that’s the whole plot of the series, and then rebelling against kids killing each — yeah. It’s a little much." "Harry Potter is by far my favorite series, ever since I was in about fourth grade. And I just […]


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