'Egregious' Auckland luxury car con artist exploited own daughter's bank account
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‘Egregious’ Auckland luxury car con artist exploited own daughter’s bank account

SUPPLIEDThe court heard a serial insolvent trader and fraudster indulged in a luxury car scam (File photo). Insolvent car trader Raymond Anthony Andrews had the gift of the gab but was let down by "details" during a luxury car scam . That’s what Auckland District Court was told as 69-year-old Andrews was sentenced on Tuesday. The court heard Andrews even exploited his own daughter’s bank account as he tried various tricks to do business while bankrupt. SUPPLIED/LINBLAD EXPEDITIONSA defence lawyer said he was previously unaware Andrews had a parent from "French Polynesia" as the convicted fraudster raised cultural issues at sentencing. The most serious charges Andrews faced were of obtaining by deception. The court heard cars including a Range Rover and Ford Territory were promised to various victims in a scam calculated at around $700,000. READ MORE: Luxury car con: Family swindled out of life savings Andrews also faced a raft of dishonesty charges including 12 counts of forgery and another dozen counts of using forged documents. "You’ve used personal relationships to persuade people that you were someone who was able to provide high-value items," Judge David Sharp told Andrews. Defence counsel Dan Gardiner said Andrews could be described […]


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