Five Questions To Ask Yourself When You're Ready To Buy A Piece Of Art
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Five Questions To Ask Yourself When You’re Ready To Buy A Piece Of Art

Artist introducing arts to visitors in Beijing,China. Getty Once a far more elitist interest, creators and art consumers have evolved in the last five years. With the continual development of social media, artists who may not have had backing or access to galleries have benefited from the direct access to consumers. Conversely, anyone can become an art collector at any budget. Saatchi Art , the Los Angeles-based online art gallery and artist network, released a handy digital art book last month where they laid out a how-to guide to get started collecting called “8 Essential Steps To Collecting Emerging Art” . Within it, Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson shares advice on how to start an art collection despite past experience in or access to art. With over two decades of experience in the emerging art industry, Wilson not only shares her insights on the current art market but how to begin start your own collection with a focus on collecting art from emerging artists. At the foundation of her direction, Wilson emphasizes, “There are no guarantees when it comes to investing in art and the most important consideration is that you love the work you are buying and will enjoy […]

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