Framing your precious pieces is an art all it's own
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Framing your precious pieces is an art all it’s own

Custom framer Brian Smith makes an art of mat cutting. Lining up the corners perfectly and detailing them is an art, says custom framer Brian Smith. But once you see the difference, you can’t unsee it. Brian Smith, of Winter Park, Florida, never knows what’s going to come in the door. Customers have brought in dead scorpions, locks of hair, broken plates, bricks from famous places, pawprints, President Bush’s socks and a metal bell from a Yemeni yak’s neck, all for him to display. “I’ve seen some weird stuff,” said Smith, owner of Corners Custom Picture Framing, who’s been framing anthing for 20 years. “The strangest was the lady who brought in three umbilical cords.” It is a Saturday afternoon. I am perched on a stool in Smith’s workshop watching him ply his craft and chatting about the under-appreciated art of custom framing. I scooch forward because no one can hear about the time a customer walked in with three umbilical cords and not want the rest of the story. The dried-up (thank heaven) cords accompanied photos of the woman’s three sons, Smith continued. She wanted their pictures framed with their corresponding umbilical cords. “How did she know whose […]


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