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From the NBA to Entrepreneurship

Desmond Mason is an unbelievable role model for athletes as well as entrepreneurs and here is his story going from the NBA to entrepreneurship. After playing for over a decade in the NBA, Desmond has taken his passion for art and developed an incredible career. He’s combined his natural skills, talents he learned in the NBA and he’s building a brand. I had the honor of speaking with Desmond and hearing his story. Take a listen! Jay: While you played in the NBA you were known as a great player and won the slam dunk contest in 2001. Now you’ve gotten into the art industry and earned a great reputation. What’s it like moving from an NBA player to visionary artist? Desmond: Art has always been something that I cherished. Even during my career in the NBA I was always drawing something on the bus while others were playing on their x-box. Playing in the NBA is an amazing privilege and I loved every minute, but art is my passion. We’ve been very fortunate to have picked up speed in the industry and we’ve collaborated with brands like Lexus, Ferrari and others. Seeing how my work has spread to […]

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