Getty Launches Ambitious ‘Nosotros Project,’ Stock Photography Collection to Challenge Latinx Stereotypes

Search “Latinas,” “Latinos,” “Latinx” and other related terms on different social media and photo platforms, and you’ll likely end up audibly groaning. For far too long, the media has depicted our communities through a narrow – and often, stereotypical – lens. But as our influence continues to grow and the need to visually represent us in the media increases, Getty Images is working to flip the existing narrative on its head to illustrate us in a multi-faceted, dynamic way. Today, the photo service launched the Nosotros Project , a collection of 14,000 stock images of our communities that is free of tropes. “We really want this project to help Latinx individuals in the United States and the rest of North America to be able to reclaim their visual narrative within the media and advertising landscape,” says Tristen Norman, the manager of Creative Insights and Planning at Getty. Photo Getty Images / Nosotros Collection Photo Getty Images / Nosotros Collection But before Norman and her team built the collection, they had to evaluate where, as she explains, Getty missed “the mark on our content.” This meant starting by looking at the content it offered on its site, a “full, deep […]

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