Greenwich Village's newest hidden spot: Frevo
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Greenwich Village’s newest hidden spot: Frevo

Chef Franco Sampogna newest culinary destination delivers an amazing sensorial experience. Nestled behind an elegant art gallery on West 8th Street, which is lined with pieces of modern paintings made exclusively for the restaurant by French artist Toma L., Frevo is the brainchild of Chef Franco Sampogna — an international chef born in Brazil who has focused much of his career in France — and his business partner and manager Bernardo Silva. The art gallery Eric Laignel At just 28 years old, Chef Sampogna has racked up a culinary career that’s light years beyond chefs twice his age. “I came here after spending years studying from some of the best French masters,” Sampogna explains, “but ultimately I had my own vision: To create a dining destination that feels welcoming, without any of the pretense of what we traditionally consider ‘fine dining’ to mean. Chef Sampogna (c)Jason Roth “It wasn’t easy to open Frevo, especially without any major financial backers or big players in the hospitality industry,” Sampogna adds. “But my team and I kept powering through, because we knew what we had was special. After all the hard work and preparation, finally, we did it — we’re here.” YOU […]

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