Hanna Marie's love of art shows in confectionery creations
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Hanna Marie’s love of art shows in confectionery creations

COSHOCTON – Even as a child, Hannah Marie Ianniello loved art. “I loved to draw,” she clarified. “Sketching characters became a favorite hobby of mine.” “For as long as I can remember,” she added, “I wanted, believed I was going to go to school for animation and work for Disney. That was my dream.” But as she got older, she shifted her artistic talents in a different direction. To a different medium. “Cakes are what keep me going,” she said, giving more than a hint of her business these days. Hannah Marie, now with the married last name of Miranda, owns Hannah Marie’s Specialty Bakery & Coffee Shop. “If I have a rough or stressful day,” she continued, “once I get zoned into a cake, all that disappears. I’m in my element when I decorate. I truly have a passion for it. I can’t exactly explain how or why I love it. But one exciting part of it is my recurring customers. I want to grow with them. I want to be the one to do their cakes year after year.” Interestingly, growing up in Coshocton, Hannah Marie gave no real indication she would become a baker extraordinaire. “Of […]


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