Hazel Park's annual art fair showcases local creative talent
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Hazel Park’s annual art fair showcases local creative talent

Hazel Park Art Fair Hazel Park-ers are fiercely proud of their town. One of Metromode’s best-read stories ever was " Why Hazel Park is the next Hazel Park" . But it’s hard to deny that the city is changing. That’s why Metromode reporters will be embedded in Hazel Park this fall. We’ll be digging into what this evolving community is up to, how it’s changing, and how residents and business owners feel about it. And hopefully, we’ll find some answers to the question: ‘What’s next for Hazel Park?’ We started by visiting the annual Hazel Park Art Fair in Green Acres Park, where we met a range of artists who live in or near the city. Here’s who we met and what we saw."I use canvas and glossy paper and wooden canvases and stuff like that. I wanted to get into the street art but I liked the natural look and then I got into doing planets. I grew up like half a mile away in Detroit and I moved to a Ferndale when I was 10. I just love the area. Everyone’s really nice. There are a lot of local places around here where I can get art […]

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