'I craved stability and wasn't getting it from modelling'
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‘I craved stability and wasn’t getting it from modelling’

Name: Vanessa Agyemang Age: 30 Occupation: Artist and online retailer Income: £32,000 I’m definitely good with money. My grandmother was an excellent saver and ended up building a mansion in Ghana. On the other hand, my parents were terrible with money. I saw how they handled financial situations and I just thought that can’t be my life. So I chose my grandmother as my role model. I’m pretty money conscious. I use an Excel spreadsheet to budget, with allocated amounts for household bills, entertainment, personal grooming, and so on. This, together with my Monzo card, really helps control my budget and work out exactly what I’m spending. After university I worked in corporate design but I fell out of love with it. My aim was to quit and start my own business, but everything changed when I was scouted and won a Top Model of Colour competition in 2013. It led to a great modelling career, working with brands like Bobbi Brown and John Lewis and being featured in the Evening Standard magazine and the front cover of African magazine X. But modelling was difficult. There are highs and lows. I’d go from periods of being booked every single […]

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