'I do have some morality': John Olsen stepdaughter denies seeing mother's will
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‘I do have some morality’: John Olsen stepdaughter denies seeing mother’s will

The stepdaughter of artist John Olsen has declared "I do have some morality" as she denied she read a draft of her mother’s will the day before she drove the terminally ill woman to the bank, where she received $2.2 million. Katherine Olsen’s multimillion-dollar transaction to her daughter, Karen Mentink, at the Commonwealth Bank in Bowral on October 11, 2016, is at the centre of a NSW Supreme Court legal dispute launched by the famous painter. Karen Mentink is in a legal dispute with her stepfather, the artist John Olsen.Credit:Emily Bennett/Southern Highland News Under questioning by Mr Olsen’s barrister, Mark McCulloch, SC, Ms Mentink said the money was a "gift" and denied she had taken advantage of her sick and vulnerable mother and wanted to keep the payment secret from her stepfather. "You regarded the fact that you had received the $2.2 million as none of John’s business," Mr McCulloch put to Ms Mentink in the witness box at the Moss Vale courthouse on Thursday. "I regarded it as a transaction between my mother, who was dying, and myself, her only daughter," Ms Mentink replied. Mr Olsen is suing Ms Mentink for $2.3 million for skimming the estate of […]


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