Italian court says Getty's prized ancient bronze should be seized
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Italian court says Getty’s prized ancient bronze should be seized

A photo of Getty Villa featured on its Facebook page. An Italian court ruled this month that a statue in the Los Angeles museum belongs to Italy. NEW YORK (NYTimes) – It is a Greek statue, but it was found in the open waters of the Adriatic by Italian fishermen. It now stands in the Getty Villa, a museum in Los Angeles. Which country is the rightful home for the so-called Getty Bronze? An Italian court ruled this month it belongs to Italy, and should return there, but that is only the latest chapter in an extended legal battle over the work, also known as Statue Of A Victorious Youth, that has stretched out for more than a decade. The statue, described as "priceless" by the Getty, is thought to have either been inspired or created by Lysippus, the renowned Greek sculptor, and is dated to roughly 300-100 BC. The naked athlete depicted stands around five feet tall, his weight shifted onto his right leg. His right arm is raised near his head, as if he is admiring the crown on his head. READ MORE In recent months, the statue was moved from a room, where it alone was […]


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