It's a good time to buy art made by women
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It’s a good time to buy art made by women

FACEBOOK TWITTER "Mister Blue," the work on the right, is by Lee Krasner, one of the main artists discussed in Mary Gabriel’s new book. It was shown at the Ordovas gallery in London in 2016. – We’re headed into the fall art auction season, which means international art fairs, exhibitions and high-profile sales are about to begin. Historian and biographer Mary Gabriel has a tip: Buy art made by women. She explains why in the pages of the New York Times and explores it thematically in her new book, "Ninth Street Women," about a group of five influential and newly relevant modern artists, which comes out Sept. 25 . She discussed the book with Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation. Kai Ryssdal: One hates to be too naked about this up front, but the basic gist of this article you’ve written in the paper and also the book is that not only is women’s art undervalued, but now’s a really good time to buy women’s art because it is undervalued. Mary Gabriel: It is. It’s funny, you know, the point of the book is about the sort of spirituality of art and […]

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