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Jake Hager, The Artist Formerly Known As Jack Swagger, Fights To Take Care Of His Business In MMA

Jake Hager makes his entrance for his inaugural MMA fight at Bellator 214 in January. For six months straight, Jake Hager did everything he could to avoid making pro wrestling his business. After earning All-American honors and earning a degree in finance from the University of Oklahoma in 2006, Hager fervently searched for a job in the business world, and – at least initially – turned his back on offers to audition for World Wrestling Entertainment. Hager was determined to not become a statistic and join the collection of former sports entertainment superstars who made their money in the ring only to fall on hard times after watching their career earnings disappear. But after months of searching, Hager chose a path he once viewed as a last resort. Now, 13 years later, Hager is following a business plan that has led him to Bellator , where, after 12 years fighting as Jack Swagger in the WWE, he is using his own name to create leverage while making his way as both a mixed martial arts fighter and a professional wrestler. “I was made for this,” Hager said in an interview this week, leading up to his heavyweight bout against […]

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