John McEnroe: 'I'm worried about Nick Kyrgios'
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John McEnroe: ‘I’m worried about Nick Kyrgios’

In the middle of John McEnroe’s private art gallery in SoHo, New York, rests the body of a dead man, guts and intestines gruesomely laid bare to those who walk through the door. “It’s a body lying in mourning,” McEnroe explains. “To me, it says that you can always be in a far worse position so look at the bright side of life in this chaotic world we live in. The artist is a guy called Matthew Day Jackson. He’s used material that’s lying around his studio, and then put it on this 18th century marble table. He’s juxtaposed the old with the new.” Mentor: McEnroe imparts a few pearls of wisdom to Kyrgios during the Laver Cup.Credit:PA Suddenly, McEnroe’s mind snaps to tennis. “Matthew’s a genius guy with a lot of talent,” he continues. “But, like tennis players, that talent doesn’t mean you’ll make it big. You need drive and a lot of luck, too. That’s what’s always drawn me to art: it’s like being a tennis player, because you’re out there on your own. People are taking pot shots at you and you are laying yourself on the line. The upside is, if you are at your […]

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