Lena Dunham Responds to Clothing Company Revolve's "Fat Is Not Beautiful" Sweatshirt Debacle
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Lena Dunham Responds to Clothing Company Revolve’s “Fat Is Not Beautiful” Sweatshirt Debacle

Lena Dunham Lena Dunham has spoken. On Wednesday, clothing company Revolve advertised a new sweatshirt on their site designed by LPA that read, "Being fat is not beautiful, it’s an excuse." The clothing item sparked immediate backlash all over social media. Model Tess Holliday tweeted , "LOLLLLL @REVOLVE y’all are a mess" with a screenshot of the sweatshirt. The model wearing the attire is very skinny, which also drew ire. Revolve has since removed the sweatshirt from its site. Dunham was another outspoken critic, writing a long explanation on Instagram responding to the incident. Dunham’s friend Pia Arrobio established the brand LPA, and Dunham wrote on Instagram that the two of them have been "working on a collaboration" together. According to Dunham, the sweatshirts were meant to "highlight quotes from prominent women who have experienced internet trolling & abuse." On this specific sweatshirt, the quote was directed at model Paloma Elsesser on social media by an Internet troll. Dunham explained that proceeds from the clothes were "meant to benefit charities that help young women by empowering them to express themselves through writing and art." The Girls star asserted the regalia was added to the clothing company’s site without her […]

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