Local artists’ works, including her own, embellish woman's Shorewood home
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Local artists’ works, including her own, embellish woman’s Shorewood home

Artists’ homes and their gardens are often influenced by their craft and by other artists. That was the case when Ilze Heider decorated her Shorewood home and planted gardens around the bungalow that she shares with her husband, Michael. A leather artist and owner of Ilze Heider Leather Design in Grafton, Heider painted walls in her 1920s-era home vivid colors, and added artwork from artists she’s met over the years; many of whom participate in the Morning Glory Art Fair with her. “I’ve been doing the Morning Glory for about 35 years,” she said. “It’s a big part of my life. I met a lot of people when I ran the show a few times, and when I was on the board of the Wisconsin Design Crafts Counsel, which puts on the show. I see some of these people regularly and have become very good friends with some of them.” Pieces from other Morning Glory artists in her home include a ceramic bowl on the coffee table in the living room by Jean Wells, co-founder of the Milwaukee Empty Bowls fundraiser here, and a grouping of small pots on a tall white shelf in the living room by Richard […]

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