Meet video game T-shirt artist Nina Matsumoto - she's probably in your wardrobe right now
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Meet video game T-shirt artist Nina Matsumoto – she’s probably in your wardrobe right now

If you have some video game shirts in your wardrobe, there’s a good chance at least one of them is hers. If you go to a gaming convention and see crowds adorned from the waist up in the characters and iconography of their favorite franchises, her presence is almost unavoidable. Her name is Nina Matsumoto, she’s from Canada, and since 2011 she’s become one of the most prolific video game T-shirt designers in the business. Look through our list of the best upcoming games of 2019 and find what your next merch-worthy hobby will be. Between official collabs and tributes, Matsumoto puts a conservative tally of her total video game shirt design count at around 130 (not counting pins and other merch). For reference, that would be enough to wear a new T-shirt every day for more than four months. If you did all your laundry at once, even after watching one of those lifehack videos that shows you how to fold a T-shirt in 3 seconds, it would take you six and a half minutes to get them in a neat folded pile. Also, as a totally justified aside, those lifehacks never account for how long it takes […]

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