'Mind-blowing' tattoos are pride of area skin artists' body of work
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‘Mind-blowing’ tattoos are pride of area skin artists’ body of work

Artist Kyle Pryce works on a design. She and other tattoo-ers will exhibit in Marked at the Northville Art House. John Heider, Wochit Brook Jacoby readily admits that he "probably should have waited a few more years" to get the hard-to-hide tattoos forever inked onto the back of his hands. "They probably cost me a few jobs when I was young," the Plymouth resident said with a chuckle, extending his hand as if handing a job application to a potential employer. But Jacoby has no regrets or "regerts" ( see recent tattoo-focused Snickers commercial ) when it comes to the rest of the body art that decorates most other sections of his skin, including his shiny scalp. "It’s nice how people’s acceptance of tattoos has changed for the better, although I still get people staring at me while I’m using the self-scan checkout at Kroger because they think I must be stealing something (because of his plentiful body art)," Jacoby quipped. "On the flip-side, an older woman who had literally just walked out of a church the other day, stopped me while I was walking down the street and said, ‘I just think you look great!’ And a mom […]

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