Montreal's 'Mile End Fairy' heads to Senegal to expand her community through her art — again
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Montreal’s ‘Mile End Fairy’ heads to Senegal to expand her community through her art — again

Amanda Klang · CBC News · Posted: Nov 02, 2019 12:00 PM ET | Last Updated: November 2 In October, Patsy Van Roost co-led the quirky 2nd annual Mile End Parade Phénoménale. She is seen here in her apartment, affixing decorations to her head. (Submitted by Patsy Van Roost/photo by Mikaël Theimer) Patsy Van Roost — known to many as the Mile End Fairy — transforms loneliness into connection through her art. She has brought her community together for years through her collective art projects, and now the Montrealer is heading to Senegal, where she will share her vision of how art can create community with a new audience. As a child, her life was permeated by feelings of instability and emotional — and physical — distance from family members. As an adult, those feelings linger, but the community she has touched through her art has embraced her — and it shows. A case in point: when arts-granting bodies rejected Van Roost’s application for funding to accept a two-month, unpaid position at the Waaw Artists’ Residency in Saint-Louis, Senegal, that community secretly launched a crowdfunding campaign to help her get there. The $3,500, raised by more than 100 donors, […]

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