Moonshine Glass Art, a new instillation to Wallowa County's art industry
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Moonshine Glass Art, a new instillation to Wallowa County’s art industry

M oonshine Glass Art is open for business in Enterprise. The new installation to the Wallowa County art industry makes and sells glass art. But so much more than a typical studio and gallery, the new Enterprise storefront also has an interactive appeal, offering a menu of different classes that customers can dive into. Inspired by longtime local artist Russell Ford, Moonshine Glass Art is owned by Portland native Stirling Webb. Webb moved to Wallowa County nine years ago in 2010. After visiting his mother, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimers, Webb realized his mom would need some extra help. He packed up his Portland life and moved east to Wallowa County. Once here, Webb came into a good group of friends as well as opportunity for work at Terminal Gravity Brewing where he did a little bit of everything. In fact, Webb credits Terminal Gravity for indirectly providing a stepping-stone into his career in glasswork. It was there that Webb met colleague Jake Kurtz. Kurtz, who also works at Moonshine Glass Art, was a coworker at Terminal Gravity and first introduced Webb to Ford. Kurtz and Ford, who between the two have over 50 years of glass-blowing experience, […]

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