Philadelphia Bar Demands St. Louis Company Stop Selling 'Play Gloria' T-Shirts
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Philadelphia Bar Demands St. Louis Company Stop Selling ‘Play Gloria’ T-Shirts

Blues fans celebrate after the team’s victory last month. "PLAY GLORIA." In the months since the St. Louis Blues began their miraculous — and some might say glorious — championship run, Laura Branigan’s 1982 No. 2 hit has been bumped in the locker room, featured on cocktail mixes and even had a baby zebra named after it. But now the phrase "Play Gloria" is featured in a cease-and-desist letter from the Philadelphia bar where St. Louis Blues players first began to chant it, Missouri Lawyers Weekly reports . Arch Apparel, a St. Louis-based company, had begun marketing shirts with the phrase, and received 5,000 orders for them within 24 hours of posting the product online . That’s when Philly-based the Jacks NYB, which has been selling its own shirts featuring the phrase, contacted it, Missouri Lawyers Weekly reports. In a July 12 Facebook post , the bar defended itself, saying while it loves the Blues and their fans, and was proud to play a role in the historic run, the clothing company’s move was "greedy" and "unethical." It claimed that other groups stopped using the phrase once the bar trademarked it, but Arch Apparel "ignored us and thrived." "When […]


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