'Propaganda' - how Kim Dotcom's lawyer described copyright warnings on movies
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‘Propaganda’ – how Kim Dotcom’s lawyer described copyright warnings on movies

Kim Dotcom’s lawyer has told the Supreme Court cinema warnings over copyright infringement are "propaganda" because there is only limited criminal liability in New Zealand. "That little promo at the start of the movie is nothing more than propaganda or scare tactics to make you think it was theft," he said. Instead, Ron Mansfield described a legal environment in New Zealand which was deliberately permissive to allow internet service providers to flourish. The argument is important because the United States needs to show the actions of those involved in Megaupload would have broken New Zealand law to make a successful case for extradition. Dotcom, Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato are asking the Supreme Court to throw out a decision by the District Court they are liable for extradition to the US to face allegations of massive copyright infringement through Megaupload. READ MORE ; • David Fisher: When the Supreme Court hatched a plan during the Kim Dotcom case • Prove there is a copyright breach – lawyer in Megaupload case lays down challenge • Will Kim Dotcom reign Supreme – or is he courting the final countdown to a US prison? • Kim Dotcom interview: […]


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