Rockstar's Crunch Controversy and the Rest of the Week in Games
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Rockstar’s Crunch Controversy and the Rest of the Week in Games

Rockstar Games This week in games, we’ve got more news on the industry’s ongoing labor problems and the messy relationship between art and capital. Making things is hard—and making them with integrity and care for all the people involved, at least when money and bosses are involved, can be a lot harder. Let’s take a look. Rockstar’s Work Week Is, Allegedly, Nothing to Joke About The big news this week comes after Dan Houser, VP at Rockstar Games, claimed in a reported piece at Vulture that some members of the team developing Red Dead Redemption 2 had worked 100-hour weeks to ensure the game shipped on time and on target. While Houser framed this as a bit of a boast, the increasingly labor-conscious games press and community took it, rightly, as an admission of guilt. 100 hours is too much time for anyone to work, at just about any job. Since then, a number of Rockstar employees have claimed that it’s not true, and Houser himself has modified his prior statement; still, it’s not a good look. Whether or not Rockstar’s version has evolved over time, crunch remains a big problem—and nothing to brag about. Another Company Might Be […]

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