RomUniverse To Attempt To Crowdfund Legal Defense, Which Isn't Going Well At All
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RomUniverse To Attempt To Crowdfund Legal Defense, Which Isn’t Going Well At All

from the lie-with-infringers… dept We recently discussed Nintendo’s lawsuit against RomUniverse, part of a longstanding war on ROM sites that seems less than absolutely necessary given just how much cash the company is raking in from its retro consoles and titles. Several commenters pointed out that RomUniverse, while proclaiming that it’s a source for those who long ago purchased Nintendo games to preserve those purchases, also engages in plenty of other less than ethical behaviors. This includes offering up books and movies alongside the ROMs, for which it can’t really make the same claims. In other words, while Nintendo itself might not be the best paladin to slay RomUniverse, it’s not as though the site is on the side of the angels. Given all of that, you would expect the operator of RomUniverse, Matthew Storman, to try to limit the damage here. That certainly doesn’t seem to be Storman’s plan , however, as he has both publicly stated he will fight the suit and is attempting to crowdfund his legal expenses. The operator has added a donation option to the RomUniverse homepage and also launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe, setting a goal of $100,000 to assist with the […]


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