Seattle's Papersalt is sharing inspiration from coast to coast
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Seattle’s Papersalt is sharing inspiration from coast to coast

I think we can all agree that the world needs a little more good; a bit more inspiration with real-world sense. We each try, in our own way, but when a business makes it their mission to instill good through a creative product line, that is truly commendable! Papersalt has done just that. Inspiration took flight in 2011 when a trio of minds from Seattle’s Revolution (a design and printing company) met to brainstorm a new business. “The idea [for Papersalt] was to take our family experiences, combined with the skills and equipment we already had (like researching, writing, designing and printing content), and create a new product line,” said Jim McCall, one of the company’s founding partners. "[We wanted] to use our capabilities to put more ‘good’ content out into the world”. In early 2012, Papersalt’s first book, “ Being a Girl, ” was released. Soon after “ Being a Teenage Girl ”, “Being a Boy ”, and “ Being a Teenage Boy ” followed. Each draws the Papersalt writing team’s collective parenting knowledge (between them, they have 17 children!) A post shared by Papersalt • Unique Gifts • (@papersalt_usa) on Oct 21, 2019 at 6:58am PDT The […]

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