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Skilled in the Art: Supreme Court Calls on the Other SG + Quinn Scores Big Win in Hair Product Battle While Trying to Fend Off DQ Motion in Soccer Case

Welcome to Skilled in the Art . I’m IP reporter Scott Graham . I heard the Supreme Court wanted the SG’s views on Oracle and Google ‘s mammoth copyright clash, so I’ve got ’em below. Oh wait, the Supreme Court wants to hear from the SG, the solicitor general, just as it did the first time around in 2015. It made me wonder: How often do the justices issue CVSGs twice in the same case? And does the SG ever change its mind? Thankfully, Twitter is rich with answers. Meanwhile, Quinn Emanuel pulled off a nifty feat, winning an injunction on a patent that the PTAB thinks is invalid. The firm is also fending off a disqualification motion in a high-profile battle between soccer nonprofits. I’ve got all the details below. As always you can email me your thoughts and follow me on Twitter. Let’s Hear From the Solicitor General—Again In journalism we call it B matter. It’s the background to a story that we write in advance of anticipated breaking news. Ahead of the Supreme Court’s April 26 conference, I wrote four separate sets of B matter based on what I saw as the most likely outcomes […]


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