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“Stranger Things” creators face lawsuit over copyright infringement

Photo Courtesy of David Livingston/Getty Images The given lawsuit has been dropped as of May 5th, 2019 When “Stranger Things” first premiered on Netflix in July of 2016, it became one of the platform’s most popular original series, with an estimated 22 million viewers in its debut year alone. The series’ creators Matt and Ross Duffer skyrocketed to fame as the Duffer brothers, earning a Saturn Award and Golden Globe nomination for their work. However, now the two are making headlines for a different reason. The “Stranger Things” creators are facing a lawsuit by filmmaker Charlie Kessler for allegedly having used his ideas in the series’ premise. Kessler originally met with the Duffer brothers during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. As the director and co-writer of the short film “Montauk” (2012), Kessler shared its premise with the Duffer brothers at one of the festival’s parties. This alleged conversation seemed all but forgotten until April 2018 when Kessler filed a lawsuit against the Duffer brothers a few months after the release of season two of the show. In the lawsuit, he accused them of having repurposed his idea of the supernatural, the government’s role in it and a small town […]


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