Surrender, surrender and never remember: the Incredible Sulk's Art of War
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Surrender, surrender and never remember: the Incredible Sulk’s Art of War

On the plus side, Boris Johnson could always pretend the interview never took place. He wasn’t there, he had never said anything. After all, Dominic Cummings had got away with denying he had ever said Brexit would be a walk in the park the morning after he had been recorded saying it. This was the Art of War. And what worked for Dom Tzu could work for the Incredible Sulk. The interview that never took place was the prime minister’s scene-setter for the Tory party conference on The Andrew Marr Show. But it’s fair to say that if it had taken place, no one would have marked it up as a triumph. Even when he is trying to be bullish, he invariably ends up looking shifty. But then he has got a lot to be shifty about. Towards the close of an uncomfortable 30 minutes, the Sulk’s eyes did their best to avoid the cameras. His eyes are his last vestige of a conscience. “ Surrender, surrender, surrender ,” Johnson had insisted, when asked if he would apologise for his use of language in regard to death threats to women MPs. Sulk not sorry. Sulk never said, ‘Humbug’. “Surrender, […]

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