Talking Bourbon And Business With Bulleit's Founder
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Talking Bourbon And Business With Bulleit’s Founder

Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition Bulleit Bourbon The lore behind Bulleit Distilling Company is almost as good as its 10-year bourbon: During the 1830s in Louisville , Kentucky, Augustus Bulleit tinkered with countless whiskey varieties in search of the right flavor. When he finally found his high-rye recipe, he barreled a batch, loaded it on a boat and set sail to New Orleans to sell his prized spirit. On that trip, he vanished, never to be seen again. More than 150 years later, Tom Bulleit decided to finish what his great-great-grandfather Augustus started. He traded in his law career to launch the Bulleit Distilling Company in 1987. From there, Bulleit climbed its way to becoming one of the best-selling American whiskeys, according to a 2018 survey of top bars conducted by Drinks International Brands Report. Forbes Travel Guide got a chance to talk to Tom, who shared what to expect when Bulleit’s $10 million visitor’s center opens in spring 2019 in Kentucky (six generations of the Bulleit family have made the state their home), his favorite bars and the way he drinks his bourbon. Tom Bulleit Bulleit Bourbon Bulleit debuted its first dedicated distillery, a 300-acre facility in Shelbyville, Kentucky, […]

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