Taranaki's newest art gallery comes with a coffee or gin
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Taranaki’s newest art gallery comes with a coffee or gin

SIMON O’CONNOR/STUFFJo Stallard and Stuart Greenhill’s Fenton Street Art Collective serves up more than paintings. It comes with coffee, cake and gin as well. A quiet Taranaki town known for the southern hemisphere’s only glockenspiel may have another claim to fame – a gin-distilling, coffee-roasting art gallery. Stratford’s newest gallery, the Fenton Street Art Collective, doubles as a bustling cafe during the day and a booked-out gin-tasting venue by night. Jo Stallard and Stuart Greenhill opened the business in October last year, knowing it would do well in the central Taranaki town. "We try to always find a point of difference," Stallard said. SIMON O’CONNOR/STUFFStallard and Greenhill bout the 99-year-old Egmont Chambers building in 2016. READ MORE: * The stories our tunnels tell of those who came before us * Taranaki buildings take top spots in architectural awards * Massey University student partners with Taranaki brewery to make gin beer The pair bought the 99-year-old Egmont Chambers building in 2016 and after decades of it being used as a lawyers’ office they turned it into a creative space. Their renovations saw building recently named a winner in the Western Architecture Awards . Stallard, an artist, and Greenhill, a writer, […]

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