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Tattoo artist takes pride in welcoming atmosphere at War Paint Studios in Willowick

War Paint Studios co-owner Sarah Beans recently celebrated the first anniversary of the Willowick tattoo shop’s opening. The shop also features jewelry and paintings from local artists. The final push came in the middle of the night during a snowstorm. Sarah Beans was working at a tattoo shop when they were kicked out. It turns out the owners weren’t really the owners. “My boyfriend (Jonathan Dickson) and I were like ‘this is it, we’re opening our own shop,’” she said. “So we just did.” War Paint Studios , located at 31541 Vine St. in Willowick, celebrated its first anniversary on May 1. “It literally started on a white board. We went out and brought a white board, put our plan together and executed it.” Beans, 32, of Willoughby Hills, wanted to cultivate an environment she had trouble finding. “Basically as a female it was hard for me to find somewhere that I fit and felt comfortable, to say it nicely,” she said. Beans worked for years as a bartender. The service industry is ingrained in her now, and she feels the customer service at tattoo shops is lacking. “That’s not how it is here at all,” she said. “We […]

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