Tessa Thompson Says 'Sorry to Bother You' Character Detroit 'Really Did Scare Me A Little Bit'
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Tessa Thompson Says ‘Sorry to Bother You’ Character Detroit ‘Really Did Scare Me A Little Bit’

In his directorial debut, Boots Riley’s summer flick Sorry to Bother You is already being considered one of the year’s best comedies , if not one of the most culturally relevant films of 2018. Through the movie’s unapologetically snippy humor and timely social commentary, viewers are led down a wild rabbit hole of dystopian satire as Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield) contemplates the role his rising telemarketing success plays in the advancement of Worry Free, a company founded by Steve Litt (Armie Hammer) that essentially operates under contractual slavery. Whereas Cassius lacks in determining which side of social justice he should stand on, his free-spirited, sign-twirling and radical artist girlfriend Detroit, played by Tessa Thompson, is obviously on the side of the people. That’s where viewers will find her for much of the movie, out on the frontlines for the people, with the people and using her own artistic ventures to express society’s alarming disregard of human beings. With a background in cultural anthropology, tapping into Detroit’s humanitarian ethos wasn’t nearly as challenging for Thompson as pulling off the character’s socially inclined performance art. In an interview with Newsweek , Thompson said Detroit’s attempt to “figure out the intersection of […]

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